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Plan ahead and SAVE!

Order a quarter, half, or whole beef and SAVE over purchasing cut by cut!



Ordering a whole beef offers you a range of conveniences and perks!  

Ordering a whole, half, or quarter beef is a significant savings over purchasing cut by cut.

You will get to custom order your processing, so that everything is cut and wrapped to your exact specifications. Meat will be vacuum sealed for longevity and ease of storage and organization. 

All Dakota Canyon Beef is aged for 21 days which means water weight is gone and meat is tender and lean.  

We have never had to drain excess water or grease out of our meat, and there is little to no shrinkage when you cook it!  Meaning: what you pay for is MEAT, not water or fat that you will throw away!

Still, our beef remains flavor-FULL and delicious!

For your convenience we have configured flat rate pricing on our beef share packages. 

     *A quarter beef will take up approximately 3-4 cu ft of freezer space

HALF BEEF: $1595
    *A half beef will take up approximately 7-8 cu ft of freezer space


    *A whole beef will take up approximately 16-17 cu ft of freezer space

Because ordering a beef share is a custom process, your exact cuts and amounts of these cuts will vary.

However, below is an example of a steer we had processed in 2019.  Keep in mind that specialty items such as bratwurst, jerky, and patties have additional processing charges due the butcher.

2019 Farmer's Market Steer by Cuts

6 - round roast

28 - New York Strip Steak

20 - Top Sirloin Steak

26 - Ribeye Steak

6 - Rump Roast

5 - Arm Roast

16 - Chuck Roast

12 - Soup Bones

75 - 1# ground beef

75 - 1# beef patties

10 - 1# stew meat (boneless)

6 - fillets

2 - flank steak

2 - Brisket

2 - skirt steak

2 - Tri Tip 

50 - 1# brats

6 - Sirloin Tip Roast

15 - Cube Steak

Liver, heart, tongue, oxtail, dog bones

65% of hanging weight is approx. the finished product

~494 lb meat

TOTAL cost per POUND:  $6-7/lb finished meat


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