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Feeding Cows & New Babies

The big kids were off to country school this morning, and it was pretty clear that the "little boys" and I needed O.U.T., so my Wise Husband nonchalantly suggested we all go with him to look through the cows for new calves that may have been born over night. Gilbert (age 21 months) was especially excited about seeing his "TOWS! TOWS!" (That's cow in toddler language.)

Sure enough, there was a fresh bull calf! Good job, #167 Mama Cow!

Travis (previously mentioned Wise Husband) checked him out and made sure he had a chance to nurse. Good job, #1 Travis! ;-)

And then... it was feeding time! I actually don't typically help with this chore. Small humans are my main focus and that doesn't always lend itself to being particularly helpful with the day to day cattle chores! But, occasionally, I do get to help and I really enjoy it when I do!

I affectionately call this feed truck The Colonel. I picture him as a slightly grouchy, finicky old man who knows what he's doing and will get the job done. No mind how he looks (or smells).

It's a good thing Travis taught me how to drive a stick so I don't have to rely on this diagram! It rotates counter clockwise as you rattle and bump along....

Gil and I delivered 2 bales at a time to Travis and Lawrence (4 years old) in the tractor. They ran it through the processor, strung out the cows, and got a good count on the bovines.

Each day on the ranch is focused on quality care for our cattle. I'm so thankful to live this life and have an ever-growing appreciation for the work that goes into agriculture and our food supply.

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