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Spring Fever - Clean out the Freezer!

Today it was nearly 60 degrees outside. Happy Leap Day to us!! Nevermind the fact that tomorrow is supposed to be 35, windy, and snowing.

Today's warm temperatures inspired me to open up the overhead garage doors and do some much-needed inventory of our Grass-Fed Angus Beef! Pictured below are some of the packs I will be offering at a DISCOUNT to anybody who wants a great deal on some beef! I need to make room for 2020 steers to go in, so this beef is an assortment of 2018 and 2019 cuts. All of it is vacuum sealed, lean, flavorful, tender, and DELICIOUS. Our family is currently eating 2018 ground beef and steaks/roasts. For purchasing a pack, you are receiving 10% off my regular market pricing. I can also SHIP beef directly to your doorstep for approximately $40 shipping fee, depending on the amount shipped!

Added Bonus: I will include some of my favorite BEEF recipes with each order! Use our contact form on the website or give me a call at 605-673-2870 to place your order!

Quantities are limited! **Disclaimer: I am a professional PEOPLE photographer.. not a meat photographer.. clearly! ;-)

  1. Steak Pack ~ $65 1 Ribeye Steak 1 NY Strip Steak 2 Top Sirloin Steak 2 Tenderloin Filet

  1. LOW & SLOW PACK ~ $145 4 Assorted Roasts (deboned, twine wrapped) 1 Stew Meat 1 Soup Bones 10# Ground Beef

  1. 10# GROUND BEEF ~ $45 10 pounds lean, flavorful ground beef​

  1. OFFAL PACK ~$90 1- Tongue 1 - Heart 6 - Liver (1# packages) 1 - Tail

  1. BURGER & BRAT PACK ~ $25 2# Patties 2+#  Bratwurst

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