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Quality ingredients, optimal nutrition

Read why we feed Muenster Milling, and treat yourself to a discount when you order using my codes below!

Muenster Dog Food

What we feed our dogs

Quality Nutrition, No nonsense

I take a practical approach to my dogs' nutrition, and encourage each of my puppy owners to do the same.  

Dogs should be fed a quality kibble that is high in real meat products, with no corn fillers.  For whelping mamas and pups transitioning to feed, a dry food formulated for puppies is fed to both, as the protein count is higher.

Personally, we use Muenster kibble as their meat products and ancient grains are locally sourced and among the highest quality available. Since switching to Muenster we have noticed a tremendous difference in our dog's coat quality.  For my local puppy families, I keep a hefty supply of Muenster feed on hand and am glad to meet with deliveries.

For out of the area families, you can find them on the internet. (Free shipping!) Use the link below to order!

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All of my dogs enjoy cooked beef and elk on a regular basis.  The mama dogs get an extra dose of this as they are giving away their calories to pups in utero and on the ground.  

On hot summer days, we have been known to give them each a special "pupsicle" treat of frozen ground elk.

Another part of our daily regimen is NuVet vitamins.   Nuvet are human-grade, whole food, chicken-liver based vitamins that support a dog's immune system, combat free radicals, and provide optimum nutrition to fill in the gaps that dog food just cannot do.  

NuVet supplements promote joint, eye, skin, and coat health.  Packed with pre and probiotics, NuVet keeps our dog's stomach's function at their healthiest.

On the ranch, we make sure all of our livestock receives the proper mineral supplements, salt supplements, etc. year around.  

In our home, our children and ourselves take probiotics and vitamins daily.

Why would it be any different than with our dogs?  

NuVet is affordable - as low as 50 cents a day for one vitamin per dog.  NuVet is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee.  Check it out!

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